Reseting Failed Message Count

When we send a text message to a contact we wait for a successful delivery report from the mobile provider so we can reliably report when a message is delivered.  In some cases, for instance if the number is not recognised we will report a failed message and start to count the failed messages.  You may notice some of you contacts are highlighted in yellow and have a number by them indicating the number of failed messages.  If this count reaches 5 then you will no longer be able to send text messages to that contact.

In some circumstances, you may want to reset the count back to zero so you can resend to this contact.

This feature has been added from v1.8 of txtround.

Step by Step

  1. Once logged in select 'Group Admin'
  2. Search for the affected contact
  3. Drag the affected contact to the Pencil Icon to edit. 
  4. Check the box shown in screenshot below and click submit

Reset User Failed Count

That's it.....