Importing using a csv template

-Importing into TXTRound using our .csv template-

These instructions are how to import contacts into TXTRound using our blank .csv file.

You can download the file here import-txtround.csv

Step 1: 

Fill in the spreadsheet.

*Please note that the very top line with the headers must remain in place. If they are removed the import will not work.

The fields that it will ask for are as shown:

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Mobile (optional)

4. Email (optional)

5. UPN - pupil number (optional)

6. Top Level Group  - the group you would like then added to (optional)

Step 2:

Login to TXTRound by visiting, and clicking the User Login menu option. Then login with your user name and password as usual.

Step 3:

Click Group Admin.

Step 4:

Once Group Admin has loaded, click the Import link on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 5:

1. Select CSV as the file type

2. Click the browse button and locate the csv file that you produced in Integris G2.

3. Click Open to select the file

4. In the dropdown labelled Select contact type choose Pupil

5. Then click Upload

Step 6:

Once the upload has been tested you should see the message below. The check box will be ticked to delete any old contacts and groups from your account. You can then click the Complete Import button.

Step 7:

Once you see the message Import completed, the job is complete. You can click on Group Admin to check the results.