Importing Contact Data From Sims

IMPORTANT - This page is for importing pupil contact data from 
There are 2 components to importing data from SIMS.

Firstly, you need to install the TXTRound report definition into, this is available for download in the next section.  This is the first instruction shown below in Steps 1 - 6.   This step is a one-off.

The second step which you will need to do each time you import contact data from SIMS is shown toward the bottom of this page in steps 7 - 16

If you need any help at all during import please contact us on 0800 014 8600.

Installing the TXTRound report template to SIMS:

-This step is a one off-

Download the SIMS report definition file here.  TXTRoundFullExportXML-Va.RptDef

The following data will be imported:
  • Pupil name
  • Year
  • Class
  • Priority 1 contact mobile number
  • Priority 1 contact mail address
The import process looks for contact telephone numbers in the following order to find a mobile telephone number first, or failing that a landline number.
  1. Mobile telephone
  2. Main telephone
  3. Home telephone

Step 1

Download the TXTRound report definition by clicking the link above.  When prompted, click Save, and select a location for the report file to be saved on your computer.  Where you choose to save this report is entirely up to you, just make sure that you can remember where you saved it to.

Step 2

Login to and select the Imports option from the Reports menu.

Step 3

Click the "Open" button to browse for the Report Definition file that you saved at Step 1.

Step 4

You should then be able to select the report definition that you saved.  The filename is as below - "TXTRoundFullExportXML-Va.RptDef".  Then once selected, click the Open button.

Step 5

The Report Definition you have chosen to import will then appear as shown in the box below.  Click on Import.

Step 6

Once import is Complete, it will be shown as below and you can run the report to prepare contacts for upload into TXTRound at any time.


Running the report and import

-This needs to be done each time you want to update TXTRound-

Step 7

Login to SIMS and navigate to the report imported above.  This will normally be in the Student focus area, and is named TXTRoundFullExportXML-Va.  Run this report.


Step 8

You will be prompted for a filename for the report you are running.  Click the Browse button.


Step 9

Choose a filename and location that you will remember.  Then press save.  You will need this to upload to TXTRound.

Step 10

The filename selected above will appear in SIMS as below.  Click OK.

Step 11

The report has run and is now complete and ready to be uploaded to TXTRound.

Step 12

Log in to TXTRound using your usual username and password.  Click the Group Admin button, then Import and then select Sims.

Step 13

In the  subsequent screen you should:

1. Browse for the file that you exported from SIMS and select it for Import to TXTRound.

2. Click Open to select the file

3. In the dropdown labelled Select contact type choose Pupil

4.  In the box headed Define top level group, you should choose Year if you have mostly single year class groups. If you have mainly multi-year classes, choose class.

5. Then click Upload

Step 14

Once the upload has been tested you should see the message below. The check box will be ticked to delete any old contacts and groups from your account. You can then click the Complete Import button.